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The synthetic mixture of fabrics would be the english translation word for word of the groups name behind that stand Isabelle Chemin and Guido Hübner. It means a little bit more and is rather to understand as a program than as a name.  
DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE was founded already in '80, but Isabelle Chemin and Guido Hübner started to work together with a bunch of other people in '85 in Berlin. In '86 we moved to Barcelona, in '91 to Bordeaux where Isabelle Chemin comes from and since the end of '95 we reside in Caen, Basse-Normandy.

Our first works together were site specific, narrative performances employing installation works, electronic and acoustic noise and Texts by JEAN RENE LASSALLE (french experimental poetry)in places like a public bath, a defunkt railwayjunktion, a slaughterhouse, the backyard, cellar and roofs, but not the exposition space of a gallery itself, a fishmarket, ... but also places like the kitchen in New-York or the Santa-Monica Contemporary arts museum of Barcelona.

Dealing with electronic equipment and junk for sound and video the step into the digital realm was made quick once we found access to the necessary material. The title Perception : fast forward made its first apparition. This happens in Barcelona were we started to experiment in computer imagery making use of system failures to obtain strongly ocsilating standimage that become our contribution to the world of the computer animation. But in fact we never considered us as mere image creators in the sense of working in a frame, also it might be a screen of moving elements and hence we soon found ourselfs being involved in robotics, sensors of all kinds, live-video and highly sensible industrial video to computer survilance and measuring/testing systems, etc. We soon had to realize that in fact there's made a lot in the digital area, but nothing is created for the artist, as best it is made for the artisan as worst for the consumer of " creative " household occupations. Since realizing that, we decided to collaborated closely with scientists and engineers to develop the dispositives we need for our installations and performances.

When we started to work in Bordeaux we become involved in medical imagery. Starting by making endostroboscopic recordings of the vocalchords and radiography in movement of the head with focusing also on the speech apparatus for the performance Perception : Fast Forward III , we currently use a lot of RMI (resonance magnetic nuclear imagery) and starting with PET (photon emission tomography) now. We become involve with neurological questions on reconnaissance when developing our interactive installation Perception : Fast Forward IV and now the performance transNEUROsite for that we currently develop a system of navigation in a 3D space by means of a vocal men-mashine interaction that we wish to develop towards a dialog between the booth rather than to a simple navigation by directive commands from the first. The 3D space is occupied by the volumen of a brain made from RMI images around and inside that the navigation takes place. A future version shall allow access to this space through the WWW, but makes the substitution of the vocal interaction with a written text interaction necessary.