Realisation for 2006

Sept. 2006 De Grasse vogue sur les 4 océans » a six meter long digital print, evocating the story of all the ships which raise up the name of the famous provencal sailor Amiral De Grasse.

June 2006 "Le recensement des papillons " is a part inside a collective exhibition called “Grandeur Nature” organised by the association art-o-baz of Biot. It takes place in the park PHOENIX of Nice ,11ha of nature with tropical plants, terrariums, exotics birds.

June 2006 Sur le sun-deck du BRK » is a part inside a collective exhibition called « L’onde ’art » organised by the association art-o-baz of Biot et l’art-tisse of Valbonne. It takes place along the path running beside the river, “la Brague”. 30 artists invest in different places the 6 km of this wonderfull foot path. (Music from Guido Hübner, Poem Emile Cheval)



Realisations for 2002 - 2005

December 2005 "La Pastouralo"  my part in a street installation called “Biot, Calendrier de l'Avent”,organised by the city of BIOT. This old city is 20 km far from Nice, on the french riviera. 24 windows for 24 artists. Each day a manifestation. This land of imagination try to mix the provencal tradition with the contemporary creation. (Provencal Poem from Emile Cheval)

November 2005 "L'aile du papillon"  is a multisensorial installation for handicap and valid visitors, following "le jardin des inno-sens". It will running during the "2ème Rencontre Azuréenne du Handicap". Around the  butterfly theme Isabelle Chemin and the writer Janny Lumeau  associate poems, ceramics, metal sculptures and fragrances. These are developped by the society CHARABOT based in Grasse. An interactive website is also presented by the society Hypsenoïa.

 June 2005 "Le Chapeau de grand-père", is a multicultural project between Germany and France. The challenge will be to catch the different emotions growing up from a poem translated in 4 languages and to turn them back in a multimedia installation. The creation unit still children portraits, animation from Cyril Alméras and voice recordings from the composer Guido Hübner

The creation will be run with the participation of the international primary school Sartoux in Valbonne, the Goethe Institut Lyon/aix-Marseille, l'Artothèque l'Art-tisse of Valbonne, Mairie of Valbonne.

April-May 2005 " Le chemin du Docteur KORN" This infographic video tells the story of the judish doctor Korn, coming from Roumanian to France in 1930 and then in 1941 in the little village of Valbonne (30km from Nice). It will be created to take place in a large project : the 50 birthday of the judish deportation. Isabelle Chemin met the doctor in Cannes where he still living.

April 2005 "Le Jardin des inno-sens" project in 2 steps presented at the "1st Salon azuréen du handicap" the 6/10/04 in Valbonne. Polyhandicap children from a Medical Institute "Les Hirondelles" will visit the garden of the Fragonard villa-museum in Grasse. Multisensorial paths will be develop with the International Museum of Parfum, the sculptor Peter Brandner, the writer Janny Lumeau, the communication society Hypsenoïa.

 2004 Poeme-Fenêtres a sound and visual installation presented in a Sophia Antipolis college. A collaboration between Isabelle Chemin, Cyril Almeras, Janny Lumeau, Guido Huebner and a Sophia Antipolis school.
Others documentations :
l'Art Tisse  - Cyril Almeras

 2003 Wall-paintings in Garbejaïre. It's the habitations'area of the major technology parks in Europe, called Sophia-Antipolis and located 20 km far from Nice, the french riviera.

2003  : CHU CAEN Project focuses on applications of Virtual Environments  for Clinical Psychology (Parkinson disease)

(Have a look at the TV interview (FR3 2005) with Pr R-M Marié and the engineer E. Klinger - beginning 1mn45)

2002  : Vepsy update project  European Union research project focuses on applications of Virtual Environments and Telemedecine for Clinical Psychology