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VALBONNE is a french village situated in the french Riviera. Five km. separate two parts. The old village which story begin in the middle age and the new area Garbeja´re created for 20 years ago, a social place with HLM . It's situated in the major technology parks in Europe, SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS.
The 12 and 13 of sept 2003 the townhall and the 7 lessors collaborated together to an artistic project:
Three artists of Garbeja´re are involved and developed the wall-paintings,
 Sophie NoŰllet, Antony Gripon and Isabelle Chemin.

The aim of this project is to give roots to some provencal names used in the streets and places of Garbeja´re
and to inscribe a story in this new area.

The project extends itself to a pedagogic one. More than 15 school classes with children between 4 to 10 years old visit us at the yard. They are curious to discover a lot of informations on their daily environment.                             

fresque1: gerbejaireThe first wall-painting illustrates the word "Garbeja´re" which means a place where the farmers bring the corn sheafs. Above we include a modern view of the round- about "Garbeja´re".

fresque02: bowlingThe second wall-painting illustrates the word "adous" which means water-spring and the chimic molecules of the research laboratories juggle with the bowling's balls.

fresque03: 40nationalities
The third wall-painting represants the more over 40 nationalities, living in Garbeja´re. Their flags are floating in a light provencal sky and a map of France.

frise1: frise
The fourth wall-painting, running all along the street illustrates the word "amouriers" which means mulberry-tree. We made a composition around the entrances as it's possible to see on the old riviera'houses. We add some technological elements like CD, keyboard, mouse....

fresque4: musicThis fifth wall-painting is the last of the project until new artists go on with a new thematic. Along the 8 meters long of this wall we develop the idea of the population's growth in this area and the daily life of the central place,where take place restaurants and spectacles.