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fresque1: gerbejaire.The main idea of this creation was not to illustrate the deportation but to give a face to one man coming from Roumanian and living since 1941 in the very small village of the south of France called Valbonne. At that time only 650 habitants were living there. All the people knew the doctor but very few of them knew his war story. After the war he came back and worked until 1975.

I enjoy to go more deeper in the story of this village, closed to the european technopole Sophia Antipolis with 30.000 workers now!!

The photos I used for the creation came from Valbonne today.

fresque02: bowling

I find the Doctor Korn in Cannes, plenty of vitality! He told me his story.



Ville de Valbonne, Arthotèque l'Art-tisse.