6 november 2004

Presentation of the project during the 1st  Salon Azuréen du Handicap hosted by Valbonne Municipality.

Janny Lumeau(écrivain)

Jacky Lemaire(animatrice olfactive of MIP)

Marc Daunis (maire de Valbonne)

IME à Biot (06).

Bénédicte smelling chocolate!!

First period : Le jardin des inno-sens

joelette at Fragonard

Garden of musée-villa Jean-Honoré Fragonard  in Grasse with a Joëlette.

Meeting the 29 april with  12 enfants
to live a sensoriel journey

This project was initiated by drawing artist Isabelle Chemin. The idea is to take multi-handicapped children from the Centre Medico-Educatif "Les Hirondelles" on a tour of Grasses's Jardin Fragonard.

The shaded garden will be enlivened by Peter Brandner's sculptures.
Jacky Lemaire of the Musée de la Parfumerie will take the sensation-hungry children on an olfactoty tour.

The manageress of Hypsenoïa company, Florence Tressols and the photograph Nicolas Calluaud, will handle the multimedia side of the unusual event.
A few poetic words created for each child and whispered in the ear by Janny Lumeau, a ride in the pretty sedan chair called "Joëlette"
(help of Adepo06 and France Paralysed  assocition), and it will be time for the children to go back to the Hirondelles.


Second period: automn 2005

multimedia garden

Creation of a multimedia garden in the contemporanean art Gallery "Salle St Esprit" during the next salon du Handicap  in Valbonne  5-6 november 2005.
Perhaps it will be the time to run a new  animation rich from our experiences.



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